My experience with a blunt, a machine-made Jazz Black & Mild and a Panatela

So I am building a Panafrican Community Library in African descendant community of Loiza, in namely Borinquen, Puerto Rico, but that’s besides the point of the strifes and struggles one needs to endure or run away from every so often.

I always tell the story of how much money most told me the Library was gonna take. Yet not counting a good smoke to cushion the hammering and cement mixing… The being as a coin and treat it likewise is the true mantra, our body is our temple.

It has been close to four years now that I have been at it at my insistence of creating an elegant and decent dwelling as a Library and a place for our community to be. Other than my heart and probably an act of destiny, I must say I thank a good smoke for keeping me at it, onward, in spite of bumps or rails or curves on the road.

A good smoke, my broom and yo.

Some would appreciate a glass of wine with their smoke, others like me, would quietly go for water or a cup of coffee, but my ultimate kick is to hop along the rake huffing and puffing like I own the freaking street even though is only my dwelling.

I took it to live there, at the Library. For close to a year of the three years I claim to have been working there, I took it to create a tiny home out of the building micro office. It has a full bathroom and a kitchenette in a 10.5 x 5.5!

What else is there? Plants, books and a good puff. All the while I took it to live there, the issue of self-sustainability arose, as I am no panhandler, panhandling is not part of our mission. I have a Bachelors Degree in Public Communication confered by the University of Puerto Rico, an inactive Real Estate Broker license #10174 and 21 years as a reservist in the Air National Guard, where I retired from in 2008 while a First Sergeant with the rank of Master Sergeant, although my most beloved duty in the military was as Military Historian.

I never smoked during my years in the military -drank a lot- until the very end of my career. Fifty years of age is like the new teenager nowadays, at least for me.

I retired in 2008, came to live in Loiza by 2010, started a community magazines (nine editions, first African Puerto Rican imprint in the Island, La Cacica Cimarrona) by 2016, came into the Library in 2017, started living there the beginning of last year (pre-COVID), published a factual storybook with original illustrations about Adolfina Villanueva in lieu of 40 years of no justice, and the illustrated magazine, voice of Librería Loíza: NABORIA, by the end of 2020, currently promoting and distributing house by house for meager donations, which oftentimes the community can barely afford to give me.

How can one endure such overwhelming burden? Is called a good smoke, among pails of paint, every so often.

I became especially fond of machine made cigars due to financial and convenience matters. Now, as a Library owner, I seek for streams of income for the community dwelling, as I intend to offer free of charge services, as well as free use of facilities for town meetings and the like.

For example, there are two main spaces for the community: meeting room “Don Bienve” and children’s playroom “Marta Bombón”, one named after previous owner, don Bienvenido de Jesús, and the other after my mother, doña Marta Cristina López Arroyo. Both have passed away leaving a legacy of community service, honored thus permanently, part of the mission of enticing community ties.

So yes, we intend to have two out of the three smokes reviewed here, available for grabs at the Library. Are you ready for my first cigar/smoke review? Let’s go!


Thy Queen, Mother, Lamborghini of remedies, of course my take within this review will not dwell into cannabis specifics, whether indica nor sativa, albeit species called Mother of the Moon or grown by telekinesis, point blank period, marihuana is GOOD and smoking it, consuming it, should be a First Human Right.

In general, cannabis beats all of the other smokes for its pharmaceutical organic properties, to start with neuron protector. Active ingredients in cannabis serve as neuron protectors, maybe that’s why we take it ever so easy when we hit it.

Cannabis has been proven effective against asthma and other respiratory diseases, relieves nausea and there are several claims naming it a cure for cáncer. As a smoke it shouldnt be inhaled too hard, like why cough, particularly not as hard as a nasty cigarrette. Thank Goddess I’ll never get to review those. Needless to say, the narcotic effects of a blunt, combined with two cigars of distinct note, surpasses by far my indulgence level, even as a drinker, had to share this experience.


This thin cigar, which comes in an elegant wooden box 25ct., is the reason for this article. I bought it to take advantage of an offer, not really knowing much about this brand. Panatela is a bold smoke, infused with mellow flavor. It burns slowly and it does not light out too easy, two qualities that I love. On the downside, as a non-connoiseuir, Panatela can come down a bit heavy but in essence is highly palatable.


Opposed to Panatela, machine-made Middleton’s Black & Mild Jazz flavor is just too commercial, less natural in their flavor, yet it is still a highly enjoyable, cheap, slow burn.

Out of the three, we’d be offering two in Librería Loíza. If you have found this article enjoyable, consider a donation to and you might receive a surprise by mail very soon.

I must say I find myself more fond of Panatela than a joint, but let’s not be silly now.

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